Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watching Curling

Here's an abridged version of a conversation in my pub yesterday.

Local #1: Why is curling an Olympic sport?
Local #2: It looks ridiculous.
Local #3: They're certainly not athletes.
Me: No, they're NOT athletes. Why IS it an Olympic sport?
Local #2: To let old people in the Olympics.

Local #1: Why do they brush the ice?
Local #2: To slow down the puck, er.. rock thing.
Local #3: No, to speed it up.
Local #2: Are you sure?
Local #3: Yes.
Local #2: (pulling up wikipedia) I was wrong. It IS to speed it up.
Local #1: Wow, that's a relatively violent shot.
Local #3: Hey, they knocked the Swede's rock out!
Local #1: (Applauds)
Me: (Applauds)
Local #2: Sweet! (clears throat) I mean, that was kinda cool. But, you know, not Olympic-worthy cool.
Me: Right.

Me: What's the puck thing made out of?
Local #1: It's called a stone, not a puck.
Local #3: Marble.
Local #2: No, Granite.
Me: Looks heavy. I think they're going to need to block their middle, um, stone on this one.
Local #2: But they only have one stone left so they need to use it to knock out the swede's stone again.
Local #1: They're swiss, not swedes.
Local #3: It's Switzerland? I thougth it was Sweden.
(two hours later)
Me: They just need ONE MORE POINT. Come on guys!
Local #3: You can do it boys!
Local #2: This thing may go into overtime if they don't make this!
Local #1: Go USA!