Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Zero Integrity by Jacob Golden

Zero Integrity

i never said that i had any answers
i never claimed to be the better man
i've got no integrity to cling to
i don't have myself a backup plan

for twenty some odd years i've made a mess of things
i've lost most of the friendships that i've made
and i've burned a lot of bridges and it hurts me still to say
but i never intended it that way
yeah i never meant to make you want to punch me out
that night in Delaware outside the club
cause i know you had it shitty growing up and i did too
but if you forgive me i will forgive you

cause you make me want to stand in my fertility
a sellout doesn't value his own song
and i know i messed around a lot before i fell for you
but no one's ever loved you like i do
no one's ever loved you like i do