Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Burma's Junta Hideout

Burma's capital was moved in recent years at great expense. It's not hard to see the new construction on Google of the military's luxurious headquarters just outside the small village of Pyinmana.

Pyinmana was the base of the Burma Independence Army (later renamed and reorganized into the Burma Defence Army by the Japanese). It was in Pyinmana that the army and its officers were trained. Later the Burma Defence Army changed sides, aiding the Allies with guerrilla warfare, and the operations were seen as a victory by the Burmese. Pyinmana became an icon in the Burmese Army, as the place where 'superior invaders' were defeated by the Burmese.
More about the capital here. And use the map embedded below to check out some of the opulent homes and offices.

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